Safety Introduction

At IJC Safety Management is closely integrated with specific emphasis on well laid policy, systems and procedures within the overall management system.

As part of company's overall management system, safety systems and procedures, the responsibilities and delegation of manpower are well laid out right from the design and construction stage of the project.

Needless to say, no system will be effectively implemented without laid written Safety Policy of the management, which is clearly understood and communicated to all the employees in the organization.

IJC formulated its policy on safety based on applicable Jordanian laws & best International Practice.

Everyone at IJC believes that the sound safety systems and procedures would go along way to maintain the overall plant performance at International Standards. IJC management extends its full support in maintaining high standards of safety and professional health, Good Housekeeping and good Working Environment. All efforts are taken to continuously monitor the present safety systems and procedures, update them, as and when necessary, in line with the global developments in the field of safety and implement them in order to achieve the company's goal of "ZERO LOSS ACCIDENTS"

Safety Achievements

  • IJC won the appreciation Distinction Award in Safety & Professional Health of the years 2003 & 2008 from M/s Social Security Corporation - Jordan among all the industrial sectors in the Kingdom in meeting world standards of workplace health & Safety.
  • IJC won the prestigious International Safety Awards for the years (2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 ,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015 & 2016) from the British Safety Council for IJC Organization's skill and effort in maintaining a good record in Health & Safety works is significantly better than the National Average.
  • IJC has obtained the prestigious ISO 9001 certificate for excellent quality management systems in the production of phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid and storage and shipping of phosphoric acid. The assessment was carried out by M/s Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).

Importance Of Safety


Safety is the responsibility of every person who works for the company to take reasonable care for the safety of himself and other human beings and the surroundings which may be affected by his acts or omissions. The important thing to remember is that any working environment is a potentially dangerous place. A safe attitude is essential because it will help to guard against complacency, and create a productive working environment for all, so it is crucial to be aware of the risks to health and safety before an accident happens, and to take steps to remove or control those risks.

Being prepared to deal calmly with unexpected or unusual situation and reporting any potentially dangerous work situations are a basic requirement of safety.

In IJC we firmly believe that while it is the duty of the company to provide all the necessary information to every employee to enable him to carry out his duties more effectively, more responsibly and more safely, it is the interest, initiative and intelligence of each employee to utilize the information provided to him for his own and for the company's benefit.

Safety is one of the keys for improvement in productivity. We must strive hard to achieve maximum productivity by not only producing more quantity but also ensuring quality product at economical cost in a safe way. Safe way leads to Zero Incidents / Accidents.

Plant Up-Keep and Safety


Plant upkeep and safety go hand in glove with production and productivity, considering the fact that the operating culture of any plant stems from its commissioning phase. Tremendous efforts were made to inculcate the habit of plant upkeep and safety even in the midst of hectic commissioning activities and continues to date and this is evident thought he various awards received till date and listed below.

Quality Policy

IJC accords the highest priority to the quality of the merchant grade phosphoric acid by continuously monitoring the operations and systems to achieve total customer satisfaction.

IJC is committed to the continual improvement of the quality of the product, resources, facilities and environment by adopting SMART techniques in our operating, maintenance, safety and housekeeping activities with zero lost time accident.

IJC shall work for improving the quality of the human resources of the organization, through continuous education and training.

Safety Policy

Our aim is to create conditions for increased productivity by totally eliminating accident potentials from our operations thus assuring a safe working environment for our employees, our contractors and others involved in our places of work.

We are committed so far as is reasonably practical, to provide a safe and healthy environment for the safe plant, equipment and safe & healthy systems at work. In compliance with all relevant local laws and regulations.

We will continue to provide facilities for employer - employee consultation on health and safety matters through our Safety Committee.

We are committed to provide the required and relevant information and training to our employees on health and safety measures and also to enlist and sustain the support of all persons in the company to achieve the objectives of this safety policy.

Our aim is to achieve ZERO lost time accident.


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