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Exploring and Experiencing the Hemihydrate Process to increase Production of Premium quality phosphoric Acid….. Using Low quality Rock phosphate, achieving 118 % Plant capacity utilization with 98 % on-stream factor to meet the customers’ demand of premium Quality Export acid is the main focused discussion in this report… Download File
Fluorine Recycling; a new approach on effluent management in phosphoric acid plants: This paper addresses an innovative technique to reduce fluorine bearing liquid effluents, that is being implemented at Indo Jordan Chemicals Company Ltd. (IJC), in Jordan, based on know-how from Deutag France and on bench-scale studies carried out at IJC… Download File
Experience with Dry Stack Management Of Gypsum (Hemihydrate Calcium Sulphate): This paper describes the operating experience of five years with Dry Stack management of gypsum (hemihydrate calcium sulphate), with specific reference to the following… Download File
The di-hydrate process served as the standard for phosphoric acid industry for many decades. It is however less energy efficient as the rock feed has to be finely ground and the acid produced is dilute at 28%P2O5 which needs more energy to be concentrated. Hemi process produces acid at high concentration (42 % P2O5) of …
Due to the basic corrosive nature of the chemicals / raw materials handled, the equipments and pipelines in Sulphuric & Phosphoric acid plants are vulnerable to different types of corrosion attack and premature failures. IJC’s way of fighting corrosion follows the principles of effective monitoring and timely action… Download File

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