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corona is a large group of viruses that infect humans and animals with respiratory symptoms similar to regular colds and symptoms ranging from minor symptoms to severe acute respiratory syndrome. it is a new strain of coronavirus first identified in a series of cases of pneumonia in the chinese city of wuhan.

little is known yet about its characteristics and ways of moving from animal to human.



And in advanced cases of the disease


There is currently no treatment or vaccine and supportive care and symptom treatment remain the main way to deal with the disease.

Transmission Methods

Human infections are likely caused by contact with hiv-infected animals and evidence of human-to-human transmission.

Prevention Methods:

• Wash your hands thoroughly with soap or other disinfectants, especially after coughing, sneezing or using toilets.

• Use napkins when coughing or sneezing, covering the mouth and nose and disposing of them in the waste basket and washing hands after using contaminated napkins.

• Avoid contact with the eyes, nose and mouth by hand after contact with surfaces contaminated with the virus.

• Take care to follow other healthy habits such as food balance, physical activity and take enough sleep.

• Maintaining hygiene.

tips for travellers heading to areas where the virus has appeared


Avoid contacting animals.


Avoid contacting people with respiratory symptoms.


the need to wash and sterilize hands.


Cover the mouth when coughing and sneezing.

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